Scandinavian Alliance

Scandinavian Alliance was initially engaged by Canadian North Resources (CNRI) in April 2022 to bring visibility to their projects and the current investment opportunities they represent. The company owns and oversees the Ferguson Lake project, which covers an extension of the Yathkyed Greenstone Belt and holds base metals such as nickel, copper, and cobalt and platinum group metals (PGM) (palladium, platinum, and rhodium) mineral deposits.

We began our work by conducting research and due diligence on the company to understand its strengths that could potentially be attractive to the Scandinavian audience. We found that the company’s exposure to those metals, and especially PGMs, was a significant opportunity given that the demand for those commodities is set to increase while the supply remains lagging.

Based on our initial research, we planned a PR campaign to bring attention to the company’s endeavors. The plan included several components. Firstly, we worked on the aesthetic appearance of the company’s communication materials to be presented to different stakeholder groups. Secondly, we fine-tuned the messaging in those brochures and other communication materials to ensure the message was heard loud and clear by the Scandinavian audience. This combination of focusing on aesthetics and performance proved to be effective.


We also hosted interviews with senior leaders and advisors at the company, asking them challenging questions to demonstrate the company’s resilience. We also held webinars, during which the directors and managers presented the most recent updates, discussed their operations and performance, and answered questions from the attendees. This was to initiate the dialogue and elevate engagement between the company and the audience, thereby creating a ripple effect.

To further engage and solidify trust with the Scandinavian audience, we held roadshows where we arranged one-on-one meetings with the company’s leaders to enable anyone who is interested to discuss the strategy and potential of the business in greater detail. This allowed the audience to not only hear CNRI’s story but also to become advocates and share it with their networks.

CNRI has seen remarkable success in the international market, and we are delighted to be working with them in the long term. We are incredibly impressed with the hard work and dedication they have put into the PGM space, and we look forward to seeing the progress they make in the future.


  • Develop a comprehensive communications strategy to increase visibility.
  • Educate different potential stakeholders about the long-term value of CNRI, its exposure to PGM, and their approach to doing business.
  • Scandinavian Alliance initiated a media makeover, created corporate videos, and conducted CEO interviews to highlight the new look and bring exposure to CNRI.
  • Introduce CNRI to leading business journalists and newsletter writers to create interest in the company’s remarkable story.
  • Leverage social media throughout the campaign to share the story Make targeted outreach to introduce and familiarize the interested parties with CNRI.
  • Use customized messaging in local languages to address investment considerations of the target audience.


  • Established relationships with several stakeholders and research writers from different backgrounds.
  • Generated significant live attendance and views for webinars and extended their “service life” with marketing efforts on social media and email campaigns.
  • Shared key insights from the event with relevant media to nurture existing relationships.
  • Introduced CNRI to key international investment firms, resulting in significant interest from Scandinavia, UK, and Australia.